$32,500 for the Purchase of 3 Portable Defibrillators

It was with great pleasure that 200 hockey players from local businesses gathered on the grounds of the Polyvalente de Saint-Jérôme in February for the 6th edition of the Cheers to Winter hockey tournament to benefit the Foundation.

Hockey is a sport of passion, although the tournament is friendly, the hockey players play with enthusiasm! One team, in particular, stands out, year after year, by raising more donations than the others to support the cause: the Groupe Finaction team. Their manager Éric Piché takes advantage of this sports activity to raise awareness in his network. In addition, the four Bombardier – Airbus teams donated $10,000. Thanks to the participation of all the teams and the exceptional donations of these two groups, we were able to purchase the 3 defibrillators promised to the Hospital. These devices will allow healthcare personnel to safely move patients from one care unit to another or facilitate the coordination of transportation between hospitals.

Let’s not forget that over the last three years, the activity will have made it possible to invest $130,000 in the urology department to treat our fathers and brothers here at home! Investments in the urology department have also brought in new specialist doctors!

Cheers to Winter:

Hockey on 3 outdoor ice surfaces
Category B winning team: Darv Training
Category C Winning Team: BMO 200
The team that raised the most donations: Groupe Finaction

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