Organize a Fundraiser

Here are the steps to follow for the organization of your fundraiser.

1. Have your activity approved by the Foundation
Fill out the form Proposal to Hold a Fundraising Activity.
The Events Director will contact you upon receipt of your proposal.

2. Form an organizing committee.
Surround yourself with enthusiastic, available and pleasant people. It’s the way to success!
Don’t forget to plan for enough volunteers to accomplish all the tasks related to your activity; they are essential to the smooth running of the activity.

3.Set a realistic, easily measurable and achievable financial goal.

4. Plan a brainstorming session.
Gather the members of your organizing committee and give free rein to your creativity and imagination.

5. Choose a suitable activity.
To join success and fun together, aim for a project that will suit your committee members in terms of availability, skills, aptitudes, and areas of interest.

6. Identify.
Who is your event for? Who might be interested? Who can participate?

7. Set the date.
Choose a date that suits the members of your committee and the people you want to attract.

8. Draw up a budget.
You will generate more revenue by reducing expenses through major sponsorships.
In the budget section of the Proposal to Hold a Fundraising Activity form is where you enter the revenues and expenses related to the fundraiser.

9. Promote your activity.
Once you have authorization to organize your fundraising activity, the Foundation will allow you to use its name and logo.
It is mandatory to submit the publicity material for your activity to us for approval prior to having it printed or distributed.

10. Collect the funds.
Once your activity is completed, the funds generated by the activity must be paid to the Fondation de l’Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme within 45 days. In accordance with the law, it takes 3 weeks before you receive your tax receipt. (Certain conditions and rules apply when issuing tax receipts. Before making a commitment to your donors or participants, we ask that you seek the approval of the Events Director at the Fondation de l’Hôpital régional de Saint-Jérôme.)

11. Say THANK YOU!
Thank everyone who contributed to the success of your event (your committee members, sponsors, major donors, volunteers, etc.).
Inform them of the amount raised and the success of your fundraiser.